Below is a list of products available from On The Go.   Custom orders are welcome!  Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page with questions or to place an order.


Guide Dog Harnesses

The Sport Style Guide Dog Harness is what I love and use daily for all of my guide dogs. It’s comfortable for them, like a well fitted pair of tennis shoes. It’s colorful, washable and allows me to follow smoothly and easily. Lots more info about the Sport Style Guide Dog Harness here!


Pouches and Bags

The Treat Waist Pouch is a convenient place to store training treats, and has a side pocket for pick up bags or a clicker.


The pick up Bag Holder is a basic, one pocket pouch that can easily be clipped to wherever there’s room.


The Harness Pouch is designed to attach to most guide harnesses, and has enough room for a few small items such as a phone, clicker and a spare roll of pick up bags.

Read more about these pouches and bags here.


Relieving Harnesses

The Relieving Harness is 1 inch wide webbing with small hooks, where a plastic bag can be attached. It is placed around the dog’s waist. As the dog relieves himself, the droppings will be captured in the attached plastic bag. The bag can then be removed and disposed of. This is a great option for individuals who have difficulty bending, difficulty in locating the droppings, in deep snow, mud or for dogs who walk and relieve. For more relieving harness information go here.


You can find On The Go products on Blind Mice Mega Mall here.


Paw Print Jewelry

I sell three different necklaces; Always in my Heart, No Longer by my Side and Walking Together. For detailed descriptions of these necklaces, go here.



The Quick Convert Leash is an excellent choice for a guide or service dog! It converts from a short leash, for working, to a long leash for relieving or a down stay under a table. The built in hand loop means you can go from short to long in a single step.


A Hands Free Leash is great for those who find they need an extra hand or two when out and about with their dog. This leash is adjustable to fit most people or over heavy winter clothing. It will also adjust to a very long leash for obedience practice or just relaxing in the park.


The Standard Guide and Service Dog Leash is also available. This leash has clips on both ends and D rings to adjust the leash long or short.


The Airport Leash is a metal free leash intended for moving your dog through airport security without setting off the metal detector.

Read more about these leashes here. A wide variety of leashes are possible. I can easily customize a leash for you, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. Use the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about options.



A Clicker is a noisemaker, and is usually used as a training aid. These clickers are about the size of a pack of gum. I sell them in sets of 2, and they come with wrist straps. More detailed information about the clickers here.


Silicon Travel Bowl

Finally, a Travel Bowl for big dogs! No more tipped bowls or holding the bowl for your dog to eat or drink. The bowl folds down for transport and/or storage. Check out more detailed bowl info here.


Cute Dog Door Bells

These hang from a door knob. You can teach your dog to tap the bells when he needs to go outside. It’s very convenient for older dogs who may need unscheduled relieving opportunities. Take a peek at all the door bell options here!


Collar Bells

Great for people with visual impairments or those who find auditory information easier to process. Collar bells provide a light tinkling chime whenever your dog moves.

Available with a mini bolt snap or a mini side release buckle, these easily attach to most collars. The bells are appropriate for indoor or quiet outdoor use. Larger, louder bells coming soon! See your collar bell options here.


Tie Downs

The Tie Down can be attached to an eye bolt or can be wrapped around a couch leg and clipped to the O ring. This gives the maximum flexibility in all types of situations. It’s great for travel, keeping a wandering dog next to you at night or for quick tethering while you answer the door or entertain guests. More information about tie Downs can be found here.



Like all the other On The Go products, collars are available in a variety of colors, configurations and widths. A very limited number of collars are kept in stock. Custom orders are welcome and should only take 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.


Buckle collars are the most basic. All dogs should have at least one. All collars can be color matched to any of the other products.

Find out more about collars here.

Dog Sweaters

These can be crocheted from a variety of different weights and colors of yarn, and fit over guide harnesses. Go here for the sweaters page.