Standard Buckle Collar

red buckle collar on white backround

Available in a variety of colors, these are 1” wide. They snap together with a side release buckle and are adjustable to fit most dogs from 50 to 80 pounds.   The cost is $4.99.



Martingale Collar

red martingale stlye collar on ivory backround

These are a buckle collar with the addition of a loop at the back of the collar to attach the leash. When the leash is pulled the loop tightens the collar.  Available in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations.  All martingale collars are custom made. The cost is $15.99.



LED Light Up Collar

yellow led collar with light turned on and cable attatched

Increase your night time visibility by turning on this LED lighted collar.   Highly visible, bright lights can be seen from a distance.  Increase the noticeability even more by turning on the flashing or blinking modes.


The collar is adjustable and will fit most guide dog size dogs. It can also be buckled around the harness handle or worn in other ways.  There is a push button to activate the various modes.  One press is for a quick flashing mode, two clicks of the button is blinking, three presses is constant on and a fourth press is off.   The collar is rechargeable with an included USB cable. The cost is $19.99.



Clip on LED Lights for Collar or Harness

clip on led lights. blue (top) yellow (left) white (right) and red (bottom)

Increase your night time visibility with one of these clip on bright LED lights. Greater visibility is especially important in low lighted residential areas, streets with no sidewalks and rural travel.  Use one of these Clip on LED Lights for Collar or Harness in addition to common sense, environmental awareness and other high visibility products for safer, more visible travel.

Each Clip on LED Light for a Collar or Harness is activated by a textured push button on the back of the light. The button makes an audible click when pressed.  One click for constant on, two clicks for quick flashes, three clicks for blinking and a fourth press for off.


The overall height of the product is approximately 2.5 inches.   The lighted area is approximately 1.25 inches in diameter. The clip does not swivel, ensuring that the front never gets turned around. The battery will last up to 60 hours, depending on the mode selected.  The batteries are not rechargeable. The cost is $6.99.