Guide and Service Dog Leash

This leash has bolt snaps on both ends and D rings to make adjustments for a long or short leash. It can be ordered in any length.  There are a variety of widths and colors available


The pictures show leashes in ½ width and approximately 6’ measured from clip to clip.


The shortened leash is used when working the dog, in crowds, traffic or any place where you need to keep your dog close.


The long leash is used for relieving, letting your dog have a break, working situations where more room is needed or when he is lying under a desk or table while you work.


The cost is $14.99. All orders for this product will be custom orders. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for production and delivery.

Airport Leash


This leash contains no metal that will set off security checkpoint alarms. It can be used at airports and buildings that require going through metal detectors for entry. All of the dog’s regular equipment containing metal would be removed and the Metal Free Airport Leash would then be put on and used for moving through the metal detector. Then the regular working equipment should be put back on.

It is not a legal requirement that you remove your dog’s equipment. Any metal will set off the metal detector and the dog will need to be patted down. The Metal Free Airport Leash offers an alternative for people wishing to move through security faster by removing all metal from their dog.

These leashes are 4 feet long with a slip collar attached. The collar portion slides over the dog’s head. When the leash is pulled the collar portion will tighten. The collar portion is sewn into the leash. The size selected refers to the collar size of the dog. Remember the collar must slip over the dog’s head. Choose a size 2 to 3 inches larger than your dog’s neck measurement. Comes in 18, 21, and 24 inches.

The cost is $9.99.

Hands Free Leash

This leash comes in ¾” wide or 1” wide.  It is available in a variety of colors.  The leash has a bolt snap at one end and an adjustable loop at the other end.


When the loop is adjusted to a very small size, the leash can be used as an extra-long leash, approximately 8 feet, for playing outdoors or practicing recalls. It’s great for a bit of relaxing and letting your dog have some space to sniff and explore.


When the loop is made bigger, the leash can be worn over a shoulder or across the body for a hands free experience.  This is especially nice if you have hand difficulties which make it a struggle to hold on to a leash and harness handle at the same time. It’s also great to be able to use both hands to answer a phone call, carry things, shopping and other situations where you really need both hands.

The cost for ¾” wide is $12.99, and the cost for 1” is $14.99.

Quick Convert Guide and Service Dog Leash

purple Quick Convert leash on a white background

This leash is available in a variety of lengths and colors.  It has a bolt snap and D ring on one end.  The other end has a hand loop with an additional bolt snap.  This allows you to quickly go from a short leash for working to a longer leash for relieving or a down stay under a table.

Switching from a long leash to a short leash and back is super simple.  It’s one press of a button to unhook the leash snap.  There’s no need to fold back and clip into a handle, as with traditional service dog leashes.  The hand loop is built in for you!

This leash is available in: red, blue, purple, pink, black and brown. All Quick Convert leashes are ¾” (19mm).

3 feet $13.99

4 feet $14.99

4.5 feet $15.49

5 feet $15.99

6 feet $16.99


Custom orders are welcome! I can make different colors, widths, lengths, clip style and other variations.  Please call/text 402 363 8997 or use the form below to email me.