Welcome! And thanks so much for visiting!  At Guide-and-Service-Dogs.com I strive to make all guide and service dog handlers welcome.  We come from different paths, programs, owner training or private training, and different disabilities, blindness, mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, deafness, and life altering medical issues.  In the end though, we are all human and want the same things, to live life freely, to find joy in what we do, to have purpose and to be in control of our own decisions.  One piece of that experience for us is a guide or service dog.  I hope you will find the support, information, resources and momentum to be the best service dog handler you can be, to live your life the way you want.


The blog is an ongoing source of information on training, equipment, life lessons and other relevant service dog info. You are welcome to submit a guest article for consideration.  If you have a request for a particular topic for a blog post, I would also welcome those ideas.


The coaching page will be the place to start if you are looking for:

*help with solving a particular concern with your service dog

*want to owner train but aren’t sure where to start

*are a seasoned owner trainer, but need someone to help keep you on track and accountable

*aren’t sure if a guide or service dog is right for you and want help sorting through your options


The On The Go products page is a list of current guide and service dog products. There are harnesses, leashes, relieving harnesses, bells and tie downs. Products are always changing, check in often to see the latest offerings.


The resources page is a list of books, advocacy organizations, helpful aps, equipment providers, and companies who provide dog products or information.  I choose only the best, with a strong emphasis on companies I have personally done business with and recommend.