Here’s what guide and service dogs is all about

Guide and service connects you with relevant, up to date info on training, health, equipment, access laws and connects you to a supportive community.


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the below questions, you’re in the right place.

*Is a guide or service dog right for me?

*Can I train my own dog? How?

*How can I get the public to stop bothering me and my dog when I’m out?

*Where can I find the best equipment and supplies for my dog?

*My dog is really great, except when…How can I get her to stop that?

*My family is giving me a hard time about my dog. What can I do?

*I saw a fake service dog in the store. It caused a problem for me and my dog, what can I do?



What to expect

*Accurate information on access laws, nutrition, health care and training with links to credible sources

* proven problem solving strategies from users of guide and service dogs from their real lives

* Compassion and understanding from fellow disabled people who are guide and service dog users

* Step by step actions you can take to reduce or eliminate frustrating public access problems

*Detailed info on how to begin or enhance the training of your guide or service dog

*Detailed explanations of your responsibilities as a guide or service dog user


About Julie Johnson

Julie has been training dogs for over 25 years, including training her own guide dogs. She believes strongly in the fundamental right of all disabled people to choose the way to best accommodate their disability.  This includes the right to utilize a service dog and to train that dog yourself, if that is your choice.


She is determined to ensure that others who wish to utilize a service dog can do so safely, effectively and responsibly. .  She offers a variety of resources to disabled individuals with service dogs from programs as well as those who wish to train their own guide or service dogs.


Julie’s book, “Courage to Dare: A Blind Woman’s Quest to Train Her Own Guide Dog” is available through Amazon’s Kindle. Check it out here.


Julie started the company On The Go in 2004 to meet the needs of guide dog users with active lifestyles. Out of her own need for a washable, lightweight and comfortable harness for her own guide, came an entire product line for use at the beach, hiking, or for the greater comfort a nylon harness provides.  Check out all the current products here.


She is always working on new products, books, instructional courses and other services to assist people in the guide and service dog community.