Everyone, even totally normal people, are talking about the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. For the normal folks that’s things like: tornados, earthquakes, blizzards, power outages, wild fires or hurricanes.  If you’re a little more off the beaten path that might be things like: nuclear holocaust, military invasion, plagues or zombies.


My personal emergency bag use was when my husband had to have emergency brain surgery. I had only a few minutes to pack everything I’d need for a long hospital stay.  Fortunately, I already had a bag mostly packed, intended for tornado evacuation, but it worked for the hospital pretty nicely.  That event got me to thinking about other things I could do to be ready for the unexpected.


I decided to update my own first aid kit. During that process, I realized I had no kit for the dogs.  While a lot of the same things can be used, it would be super convenient and a stress reducer if I had everything assembled and ready to grab in a hurry.


Here’s the list of the first aid contents:

*2 ounce sulfadene cream

*2 inch roll self stick wrap

*4 iodine wipes

*4 gauze pads

*gauze roll


*emergency blanket

*2cold packs

*elastic bandage

*waterproof document pouch


Then I put it all in a zippered tote bag. There’s room for lots more. I started researching suggested items to include. Here’s what I found:


*Phone numbers for your veterinarian and the nearest emergency veterinary clinic

*poison-control hotline 1-800-426-4435)

*Current vaccination and         relevant medical records

*Leash and collar


*Food (enough for 3 days)

*Bottled water (enough for 3 days)

*Travel bowl

*Chew bone or toy


*Pick up bags


*Glow stick or LED light

*Latex gloves

*Hydrogen peroxide


*Any medications your dog takes on a regular or intermittent basis

I will have a number of these kits at the ACB conference and convention in Minneapolis July 2016. They include the tote bag with the first list of first aid supplies. They will sell for $25 and if you’ve looked at first aid kits, you’ll recognize what a good price this is!