These dog boots are made of a fleece lined black waterproof fabric with a rubber sole. The rubber sole is textured for traction on slick surfaces. There is an extra layer of fabric between the rubber sole and the upper portion of the boot for extra reinforcement of the boot.  Embroidered on one side is a yellow paw print. The boot covers the ankle, with two Velcro strips to secure the boot in place. The boot should not rub on the dewclaw area.  These boots are sold by the pair, to enable purchasing two different sizes if your dog has slightly smaller back feet, which is common.  You may also wish to purchase a single set of two boots to replace a lost or damaged boot from a different brand you already own.  If you would like an entire set of four boots, you need to purchase two sets of two boots for a total of four boots.


Available sizes:

Size 4 measures 2.75 inches

Size 5 measures 3 inches

Size 6 measures 3.25 inches

Size 7 measures 3.5 inches

To measure your dog for the correct size: while the dog is standing measure from the back of the pad that is touching the floor to the front of the longest nail.   The easiest way to do this is to put your thumb and pointer finger at these two points, then have the dog move and measure the space between your thumb and fingertip.  Since many dogs have slightly different sizes of front and back feet, you will want to measure both a front and back foot.  For the best fit and comfort of your dog, the nails should be kept reasonably short.


Order the Dog Boots in the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Mega Mall