You have first aid supplies for yourself, so why not for your dog? Stuff happens, be prepared! This kit includes the basics to address a minor emergency, like a small cut, scrape, or nasty bug bite. It also contains items that will help you help your dog while you get to the veterinarian.


The first aid kit for dogs is a cloth pouch two inches tall by five inches wide by four inches long. It has a zipper along the top edge, which runs along three sides. The kit is red, and the top is marked with a white “+” with the words “First Aid Kit” printed, also in white. The kit contains:

  1. 1 roll of medical tape
  2. 2 iodide cue tips
  3. 10 regular cue tips
  4. 5 ½ inch by 3 inch adhesive bandages
  5. 1 3 inch by 3 ½ inch adhesive bandage
  6. 1 Roll of self adhering cloth bandage (similar to Vet Wrap)
  7. 1 gauze roll 2 inches wide by about 14.5 feet
  8. 2 iodide pads
  9. 2 alcohol pads
  10. 1 miniature scissors
  11. 1 plastic medical tweezer/forceps
  12. 1 bottle of All Day Spray

All day spray is an antiseptic and antibacterial spray that is approved for use on dogs. It is made in the USA. The spray comes in a 2 oz. pump spritz bottle. To use clear wound of foreign matter then liberally spray with All Day Spray. Shake well before use

The All Day Spray contains benzolkonium, water, ethyl alcohol, and “proprietary ingredients”.

To use the Iodide cue tips, firmly hold one end, making sure the end you are holding is pointed down. With your other hand, hold just above the lower cotton portion, and then bend until the cue snaps. It should break somewhere in the middle of the lower cotton portion. Wait several seconds for the solution to saturate the cotton, then liberally dab the wound. Be very careful, as Iodide WILL stain.


The First Aid Kit is the foundation for a grab and go emergency kit that will cover your dog’s most essential needs in a disaster situation. Suggestions for things you might want to add: phone numbers for your veterinarian, phone number for poison control, vet records, extra leash and collar, food and water for 3 days, travel bowl, bone or toy, and any medications your dog takes on a regular basis.   With these items and the first aid kit, you will be prepared for most emergencies or disasters that you may encounter.

Order the First Aid Kit for Dogs from the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Mega Mall