The Hands Free leash can be worn over a shoulder or cross body, allowing   you to be able to use both hands to answer a phone call, carry things, shopping, working at a desk, assisting customers at a booth, and other situations where you really need both hands.


When working your guide or service dog, you can easily hold the leash for added information or to give a correction. The leash does not stretch. If you need to take a phone call or want to stop to browse through a clothing rack at your favorite shop, you can drop the leash without worry of losing contact with your dog.


This leash comes in ¾” wide or 1” wide. It is available in a variety of colors. The leash has a bolt snap at one end and an adjustable loop at the other end.


When the loop is adjusted to a very small size, the leash can be used as an extra-long leash, approximately 7 feet, for playing outdoors or practicing recalls.   It’s great for a bit of relaxing and letting your dog have some space to sniff and explore.


When the loop is adjusted mid way it can be worn over the shoulder or cross body. The loop can be made bigger or smaller to accommodate differing heights or to be worn over a heavy winter coat.


Order the Hands Free Leash 3/4 inch wide from the On the Go shop in the Blind Mice Mega Mall



Order the Hands Free Leash, 1 inch wide from the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Mega Mall