Do you do rush orders?

No. I make and ship harnesses based on who orders first. If you want a harness quickly, you will have to pick from my stock harnesses and/or pay for expedited shipping.


Can this harness help with balance?

The harness can be used to provide balance assistance, but it will depend on your particular needs. The harness is designed for the dog to be able to pull forward. I have many customers who use the harness for counterbalance with great success. I can customize the harness with an additional handle on the back strap which would typically be used when rising from a chair or counterbalance when standing. It would be a soft handle and could extend 3 to 6 inches or to your specifications. The cost for the additional soft handle is $19.99


Can I get the handle stabilizer loops?

Yes, they cost $19.99


Do I need the handle stabilizer loops?

The construction of the harness and handle attachments have been updated so that the handle will not flip over the dog’s head. The handle can be pushed forward, causing the harness to fold and forcing the handle forward.  This should not occur under normal use circumstances.  If you find the stabilizer loops useful for other reasons, yes, I can attach them for you.


What colors can I get?

I keep a number of harnesses in stock. The in stock harnesses generally include: red, royal blue, purple and burgundy. Occasionally, I also have additional colors in ready to ship harnesses.

If you want a custom harness, a color not listed above, or patterned webbing; I will have to make a to-order harness. Depending on how many orders I have at the time, making a harness could take 3 to 6 weeks.

Here’s a list of available colors and patterns. Keep in mind patterns vary depending on manufacturer availability. If you want a color or pattern that’s not on this list, contact me and I will see if I can get it in for you.

Colors: black, brown, pink, orange, green, yellow, hot orange, hot pink, hot yellow, hot green and many more

Patterns: rainbow, paw prints, stripes, camouflage, flames and many, many, many others

I can also use two or more colors of webbing. The color or pattern you pick does not cost any extra.


Are the harnesses reflective?

The basic Sport style harness does not come with reflective material. I can easily add reflective strips for you.  I use white/gray sew on tape.  Under regular light conditions it appears as a light gray color.  Under low light conditions it appears as a very bright white.  The addition of the reflective tape costs $14.99


What if the harness doesn’t fit?

I do my very best to use the measurements you provide to make a harness that will fit perfectly. That being said, each dog’s structure is unique.  If your harness doesn’t fit quite how you like, you may exchange it for a different size.   I will alter the harness or exchange it for a different harness if needed.  There is no charge for exchanges or alterations.  Please let me know within 30 days of receiving your harness that you need to exchange it.


What if my harness is damaged?

I will repair or replace any On-The-Go harness. If the damage is due to improper use or care, such as chewed straps, I will assess a charge for materials and time.  I will let you know before I begin what the charges will be and approximately how long it will take.


Can I give a harness correction with the Sport style guide dog harness?

Not in the same way that you are used to with an American style harness. The handle and harness are connected with a side release buckle, which moves very little.  This connection allows you to feel very subtle movements in the dog’s shoulders.  You can, of course, release handle pressure and then immediately tug backward on the handle.



Does the Sport harness contain metal?/Can I use it to go through metal detectors at security checkpoints?

The ready to ship Sport harness does contain a small amount of metal. The handle, however, is made with a solid metal core.  If you would like an entirely metal free harness and handle, that is possible.  The handle will be made from layered webbing and will be flexible.  The handles can be easily removed and a metal core handle used outside of the security checkpoint area if desired.


What customizations are available and how much does a custom order cost?

Reflective strips: $14.99, includes four reflective strips on the harness body and two on the handle.

Balance handle: $19.99, includes a short, 3 to 6 inch, flexible handle with rubber hand grip sewn onto the back strap.

All metal side release buckles: $19.99, includes the handle attachments, and the girth strap buckle.

Handle stabilizer loops: $19.99, includes loops sewn onto the back strap to limit handle movement.

Additional handle: $19.99, includes one metal handle for use with any Sport style harness. Some older Sport harnesses have buckles from a different manufacturer and will not connect with newer buckles.

Metal free flexible handle: $19.99, includes one handle made of layered webbing only, no metal.

Custom colors: no extra charge, includes any solid color, pattern or combination of colors.

Comfort handle: no extra charge, includes one contoured Comfort black handle for use with any Sport style harness. Some older Sport harnesses have buckles from a different manufacturer and will not connect with newer buckles.

Offset handle: no extra charge, includes one black handle for use with any Sport style harness. Some older Sport harnesses have buckles from a different manufacturer and will not connect with newer buckles.

Metal free harness: no extra charge, includes basic sport harness with plastic hardware and flexible handle.

Other customizations are available. Please contact me with your needs.  I’m happy to create something unique for you! After we design something that works for you I will quote you a price.


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