It’s brushing, petting and massage all in one! This glove works great for daily grooming, in between more intensive grooming sessions.   It’s especially helpful for dogs with sensitive skin who shy away from traditional grooming tools.  The Massaging Grooming Glove works best for dogs and cats with short to medium coats.


Just slide the glove over your right hand, like you would put on any other glove. Then stroke your dog or cat. The fur will stick to the glove.  Use your left hand to wipe the fur from the glove into the trash.  Repeat as needed.  Dampening the glove with a small amount of water will increase the stickiness and remove even more loose hair.


The glove measures 9 inches from the wrist to the tip of the longest finger. It measures 5 inches wide across the base of the fingers.  The glove is made of a red mesh.  The grooming area of the glove is made of red silicone with ¼ inch soft silicone bristles.  The glove can be washed with mild detergent in the sink or washing machine.  It will fit most adult men and women.  Right handed style only.


Order the Massaging Grooming Glove from the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Megamall