This leash contains no metal that will set off security checkpoint alarms. It can be used at airports and buildings that require going through metal detectors for entry. All of the dog’s regular equipment containing metal would be removed and the Metal Free Airport Leash would then be put on and used for moving through the metal detector. Then the regular working equipment should be put back on. It is not a legal requirement that you remove your dog’s equipment. Any metal will set off the metal detector and the dog will need to be patted down. The Metal Free Airport Leash offers an alternative for people wishing to move through security faster by removing all metal from their dog.

These leashes are 6 feet long with a slip collar attached. The collar portion slides over the dog’s head. When the leash is pulled the collar portion will tighten. The collar portion is sewn into the leash.


Order the Metal Free Airport Leash in the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Mega Mall