A small zipper bag with Velcro to attach to a leash, harness or handle. It’s big enough to hold 2 to 3 rolls of baggies, or a single roll plus a couple of small items.

The overall shape of the bag is a half circle.   The right side of the bag is the arc of the circle.  The zipper follows this arc.  The left side of the bag is flat.  This is where the Velcro loops are.  At the top of the bag is a clip that could be used to attach the bag to a purse, belt loop or other attachment point.  The back of the bag has a star shaped rubber opening where the pickup baggies can be pulled from without needing to unzip the bag.   The inside compartment is a single opening without any additional pockets.


The height of the bag portion only is approximately 5 inches, not including the clip. The width at the widest point is 3 inches. The depth of the bag is 1.5 inches. Available in black only.


Order the Pick Up Bag Holder in the On The Go shop in the Blind Mice Megamall