The relieving harness is 1 inch wide webbing with small hooks, where a plastic grocery type bag can be attached. There are two hooks on the top and bottom of the belt, for a total of four hooks.  It is placed around the dog’s waist, like a belt.  As the dog relieves himself, the droppings will be captured in the attached plastic bag.  The bag can then be removed and dispose.


A plastic bag with handles must be used. Recycled grocery bags are one option.  On The Go now offers Handle Bags in a convenient smaller size and shape specifically for use with the Relieving Harness


This is a great option for individuals who have difficulty bending, difficulty in locating the droppings, in deep snow, mud or for dogs who walk and relieve. No more stress wondering if you got everything. No worries about losing your balance when bending over.  Some customers have also used the relieving harness in areas where it is difficult to find a good place to take the dog, like cruise ships, airports and very busy urban areas.  Now you can find a safe place outdoors with no worries about picking up.


It is not intended to replace good relieving habits.   The relieving harness should not be left on the dog outside of specific relieving times.  Indoor use may lead to behavior changes regarding relieving habits and is not recommended.   The dog will need to be gradually introduced to wearing and then using the relieving harness.  Go slowly and be patient.


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