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The average purchase price of the Ruffians dog toy size large in either the fish or octopus design is $7 to $10. The Ruffians toys are available in three sizes. Each size has two animal shapes in a variety of colors.  The large size is available in either the Fish or Octopus design.  Monty has both.


All of the Ruffians toys are in a basic bowling pin shape. Each toy has small nubs or indentations to give the subtle impression of its particular animal.  The fish has a small protrusion to indicate fins and a small indentation for the eye.  The octopus has small nubs on the bottom to suggest the legs.  All of the Ruffians dog toys are made with a flexible rubber material that is very sturdy.  The manufacturer claims the toys are scented with vanilla, but I haven’t noticed this.



The Ruffians fish is Monty’s all-time favorite toy! This is the toy he plays with daily.  He will choose it over all other toys when presented with choices.  He takes his fish into his crate for safekeeping.


The Ruffians dog toys can be played with indoors or outdoors. Unless you throw this toy particularly hard or have fragile items in your home, it is unlikely that something will accidentally be broken during play.


If it gets dirty, it can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The mostly smooth, nonporous  surface of this toy  means that it won’t absorb debris from the yard.  Over the years, I’ve cleaned the Ruffians dog toys probably a handful of times, usually when they’ve accidentally been left outside.


It can be thrown for games of fetch or chewed on independently by your dog.   These toys do squeak, a lot.  Monty loves the squeaking and will lie on the living room floor, squeaking for prolonged periods of time.  Generally I’m not too bothered by this, unless I’m on the phone or trying to watch something on TV.


I leave the Ruffians dog toys out all the time for the dogs to play with at their leisure. We’ve had both toys for several years.  Both the octopus and the fish have held up extremely well.


Monty did chew off the octopus legs the first day, but after that there has been no additional damage. The octopus even spent one winter buried under snow in the backyard.  It is a bit faded and there are slight cracks on the surface, but still it’s in one piece.


I give the Ruffians dog toys the highest chew rating of nearly indestructible. These toys are suitable for the most aggressive chewers.  There may be dogs who can destroy these toys, but I believe the Ruffians to be one of the most durable toys on the market.


Because of the more flexible rubbery material this toy is also very suitable for all chew types, even puppies and older dogs. It is gentle on the gums and teeth.